Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

Goodbye TPP, hello RCEP and OBOR In the past-Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) area, the RCEP might enter into force 2018 or even later. The following describes its purpose, after being implemented. Most notable, it will unite China and India in one trade agreement, letting aside controversial viewpoints on the OBOR and AAGC projects. Regional Comprehensive Economic … Continue reading Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

The Justinian Code – Byzantine laws made for modern times

Emporer Justinian was born around A.D. 482 under the civil name Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus. During his lifetime, the Roman Empire had already been divided into an Eastern and Western part. Justinian acted from A.D. 527 to 565 as the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) emperor with legal domicile in the diaspora in Constantinople. The Byzantine … Continue reading The Justinian Code – Byzantine laws made for modern times

The property due diligence in Thailand

The investment in undeveloped land or a villa in Thailand is obviously a risky business. A foreign buyer or long-term tenant is neither protected against the typical problems by the laws of Thailand nor by contractual arrangements. Therefore, it is for him essential to exactly know what he gets for his money before the deal … Continue reading The property due diligence in Thailand

Mining financing – general aspects

Mining projects are capital-intensive and a mining start-up is seen as a very risky venture, which makes investments in early-stage projects somewhat difficult. These factors pose challenges to mining entrepreneurs when they seek to raise seed capital for their mining project. This post from Justinian Lawyers Thailand Delegation gives a short and incomplete overview of … Continue reading Mining financing – general aspects