Justinian Lawyers in Thailand: The Fourth Anniversary

Four years ago, the Bangkok based investment law firm had been requested and entitled by a Spanish association to set up an own “Justinian Embassy” in Thailand. In the meantime, lots of the international Justinian Lawyers offices ended their club membership (including Thailand) for different reasons. Growth rate and integration process seem to be too slow, the management too belligerent and biased, the overall performance too poor.

The Spanish membership aspect is at least in Asia of minor importance. Self-enrichment, lack of target-oriented activities, tedious self-congratulation, distasteful, unjust and insulting behavior, all this should not be characteristics of a competent international counselor. Therefore, the fact that the IP rights are secured for Thailand, resulted in the easy decision in Bangkok not to continue the club membership payments. Despite the hindsight and conciliation in Alicante, which ultimately turned into anger and rage.


After the first post “Emperor Justinian finally arrived in Thailand” four years ago, Justinian Lawyers has been established in Thailand mostly as a sidekick brand to the law firm’s company name. #JLTD is an independent brand name under Thailand’s legislation, not (yet) an own Thai business name. This website has probably the biggest JL footprint on the Internet. Together with its associated social media platforms, the Bangkok law firm provides up-to-date articles, international information, and legal news which do not always fit to the law firm’s main webpage, but are nevertheless valuable “jus you can use”.


Justinian Lawyers Thailand Delegation is strongly positioned on Thai and foreign markets and has robust brand protection mechanisms. The brand name is here to stay, grow and prosper. Best-friends connections with foreign Justinian Lawyers offices are maintained. Confidentiality is assured and Thailand will remain a significant module in the global JL network – even involuntarily in the Byzantine diaspora outside of the Alicante club membership.

Respected colleagues in Nice and elsewhere, whether JL alumni, survivors, current club members or outside law firms, feel free to contact JLTD, visit the Bangkok law firm for a friendly meet-and-greet, and suggest possible formal or informal cooperation opportunities in or with the land of smile.


Finally, this Byzantine law article likes to commemorate the short essay about the Justinian Code which had been published on the occasion of the biannual anniversary of Justinian Lawyers in Thailand two years ago. Remarks, additions, and fixes are still welcome in the comment section of that article.

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