Emperor Justinian finally arrived in Thailand

The FDI law firm in Bangkok has been invited and requested in March 2015 to set-up a Thailand entity for Justinian Lawyers and appreciates to close the Thailand gap of like-minded professionals in Southeast Asia. The currently 86 Justinian Lawyers offices are independent law firms all over the world, some of them also members in a European association.

The name Justinian comes from the great Roman Emperor of the Byzantine period that created the first compilation of Civil Law and is extremely famous in law history books. He was married to the also famous empress Theodora. The 6th century AC has been called the Age of Justinian and Theodora. So it’s a great name for a (second) corporate law firm brand.

Thailand has a civil-law system, deriving its Civil & Commercial Code (“CCC”) from the German, French, and Japanese civil law role models. It is not unreasonable to say that the Justinian Code had a great influence on Thailand’s lawmaker and Thailand keeps up the proud tradition of most countries in the world to follow Byzantine law principles, which would not exist without Emperor Justinian.

Update 2017: Details of the Justinian Code

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